What is your goal?



All ongoing clients have access to a secure website/app that allows them to:

  • Communicate with our Dietitian/Exercise Physiologist
  • Take progress photos
  • Submit pictures of meals or exercise form for feedback
  • Track progress

Appointments are offered in person or via secured video conferencing. In-person appointments are held at Westside Wellness Center:

222 Kenyon St NW #1
Olympia, WA 98502


Currently Accepted Insurance Plans:

Aetna (no video appointments)
Blue Cross/Blue Shield (and most sister plans)
Community Health Plan of Washington
Coordinated Care
First Choice Health
Kaiser Permanente PPO Plans
Medicaid/Apple Health
Molina Healthcare

Click here or call 360.358.3179 to schedule your first appointment or a free 15-minute phone consultation. Ask about our cash discount!


Services Offered

Prices are subject to change.



Initial/Follow-Up Appointment (60 min.)



Nutrition and/or exercise assessment based on client’s individual goals. Clients receive nutrition or exercise education and counseling tailored to their specific goals, health concerns, and lifestyle. This is a useful service for someone who wants to prevent or manage a certain health condition (diabetes, high blood pressure or cholesterol, or irritable bowel syndrome, for example) or who wants to learn more about eating well or exercise for their lifestyle.


Body Composition Assessment (15 min.)



Bioelectrical impedence analysis and skinfold caliper measurement of body fat percentage, as well as multiple body circumference measures to track progress. In-person appointments only.


Fitness Assessment (30 min.)



Standardized exercise testing to determine client’s overall fitness level including cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, and flexibility. In-person appointments only.


Goal-Getter Package ($800 value)




  • Six 60-min. appointments
  • 2 sessions (before-and-after) body composition assessment (OR upgrade to fitness assessments for an additional $50)
  • Optional: Add-on before and after fitness assessments for $80

This package is designed for meeting a 3-month wellness goal. Clients will work with me to determine appropriate and realistic goals and receive the tailored education, support, and accountability they need to achieve them. This is an excellent service for anyone looking to lose weight, improve lab values, or increase overall fitness. Fitness assessments can easily be added to this package if desired.

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