Having a healthy workforce increases productivity, improves outcomes, and reduces cost to you. i’mPowered Nutrition & Fitness will meet with you to assess the wellness needs specific to your workplace, including:

  • Muscle imbalance correctiondsc_1552
  • Injury prevention
  • Education on nutrition to support brain and body health
  • Health promotion in the work environment
  • Other specific health concerns you may have

After creating the assessment, our skilled Registered Dietitian/Exercise Physiologist will help you create a strategy for addressing the weaknesses and reinforcing the strengths identified. You may choose from a variety of options:

  • Creation of a workplace wellness promotion program
  • Individual and/or group nutrition/exercise counseling for your employees
  • Workout plans tailored to prevent or address muscle imbalance or injury concerns as well as promote productivity and safety
  • Pre- and post-program fitness and/or anthropometric testing (you will be provided with a detailed summary report without individual employee identifiers/results)

dsc_1525 dsc_1601

Costs vary depending on the size of your business and services desired.

Call 360.358.3179 or use the Contact Us form today to create a custom plan for your workplace.

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